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Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution
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Enjoy the View!
Ant Farm Revolution is a habitat that provides an ultra-cool 3-D
view of the ants’ world. The translucent gel provides an excellent
living environment for ants. Watch them build tunnels and
passageways right before your eyes.
It's All in the Gel
The unique gel was originally developed by NASA for a space
shuttle experiment to see how ants live and work in zero-gravity. It
is specially formulated to provide all the necessary nutrients and
moisture for your ants. There is no need to add water or food to
the habitat.
Please note: The gel is non-toxic, but is NOT for human
CAUTION: Do not look directly down into the light source.
Doing so can cause serious and irreparable eye damage.
CAUTION: Do not look directly at the sun with the magnier cap.
Doing so can cause serious and irreparable eye damage.
Battery Installation
Tool required - Small Phillips
head screwdriver
1. Using a Phillips head
screwdriver, remove the
battery cover as shown.
2. Insert 3 "AA" batteries as indicated in the battery compartment
and replace cover.
IMPORTANT: For best experience, use in a completely
darkened room.
1. Lock the notches underneath
the habitat onto the four ribs
on the base or else the light
may not work.
2. To turn on the light for shadow
projection, press the button on
the side of the base.
Preparing the Habitat
1. Remove and discard
protective packaging from
the habitat.
2. Remove the habitat
magnier cap.
3. With the tunnel starter
tool, make four holes in
the gel, each about two
inches deep and spaced
equally apart. Swirl the
tool a bit to enlarge the
Order Online To Populate Your Live Ant Habitat
Follow the instructions on
the enclosed order form to
order online.
We will mail you an ample
supply of Western Harvester
ants (scientic name is Pogonomyrmex, meaning “bearded ants
because they appear to have little beards).
Normally, we mail the ants to you within 4 to 6 weeks after we
receive your order. But sometimes we delay them because it is
too hot or too cold for them. Its best for you to send for ants
when the temperature is less than 85° F and above 32° F. If you
have an outdoor mailbox, don’t let the ants stay in there for too
long. It may be too hot or cold for them!
Adding Ants To Your Ant Farm Revolution Habitat
1. If the ants seem lazy the rst few hours, don’t worry. Put the
habitat in a dark place overnight. They’ll soon become accus-
tomed to their new home. If a few ants are dead, don’t worry;
there are more than enough ants. (It is better not to have an
over-crowded habitat.)
2. Remove the habitat Cap, carefully open the plastic tube of ants
and gently shake or tap it to allow the live ants to fall in. Try not
to let any dead ants fall in. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH
THE ANTS! Replace the Cap tightly.
Batteries not included
Requires 3 x 1.5V AA/LR6 batteries
A A / L R 6
Magnier Cap
ON” button

Live Ant Habitat




Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution

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