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    Shelf Top Infrared Receiver


    The IRC-3.0 is a small, attractively styled IR Receiver designed to sit on a shelf, cabi-
    net or any flat surface. Among its unique features is an exclusive Ambient Noise
    Suppression (ANS) system. It acts to push down IRI, CFL, EMI, or ESI noise sources
    so that stronger signals from IR remotes have adequate margin for command of
    the controlled component.
    Note: The ANS will take a few seconds to adjust to a given noise source. During
    this time, the blue Activity LED will glow brightly and then fade out. If the interfer
    ence disappears momentarily, then returns, the fade down process will repeat.
    Certain noise sources, however, (such as Plasma Screens) may result in low-level flick
    ering even after the fade down. This is normal. Such signals have been acted upon
    by the ANS, allowing most equipment to be controlled.
    3. Connect the home run wires to the correct terminals on the AT-1.0 EZ-Connect terminals.
    Note: You may use the SpeakerCraft CB Connecting Block (not illustrated, stock
    # ASM20200) to help connect the many paralleled home run wires to the AT-1.0
    EZ-Connect terminals.
    4. Install and plug the various emitters into the AT-1.0.
    5. Set the DIP switches to EM ON (or BL ON if using Blasters behind closet doors) and NET ON.
    6. Plug the local IRC-3.0 IR Receiver into the IR RCVR jack.
    7. Plug in the PS-1.0 12V DC Power Supply.
    8. A remote control, fired at the IR receivers, should now control the components.
    Note: Refer to the SpeakerCraft AT-1.0 Instructions for Power Supply considerations.
    STATUS Brightness
    Fig. 3 also shows how an external resistor can be added to reduce the brightness of the
    Status LED’s on SpeakerCraft IR Receivers to any desired level.
    In this example, a PS-1.0 12V DC Power Supply is used as the voltage source to indicate the
    ON/OFF status of an A/V Receiver.
    Choose a resistor value that achieves the brightness you desire (about 2.2k to 12k, 1/8 W).
    Connect it in series with the STATUS lead on each IR receiver desired, as shown.
    Fig. 1
    IR Pickup
    Status LED
    Activity LED
    IR Lens
    3.5mm Plug
    +12V DC
    IR OUT
    8' Lead
    IR OUT
    Internal Wire Colors
    SpeakerCraft Inc. warrants to the original retail purchaser only that this SpeakerCraft product will be free from
    defects in materials and workmanship, for a period of 5-years, provided it was purchased from a SpeakerCraft
    Authorized Dealer.
    Defective products must be shipped, together with proof of purchase, prepaid insured to the SpeakerCraft
    Authorized Dealer from whom they were purchased, or to the SpeakerCraft factory at the address listed
    on this installation instruction manual. Freight collect shipments will be refused. It is preferable to ship this
    product in the original shipping container to lessen the chance of transit damage. In any case, the risk or
    loss or damage in transit is to be borne by the purchaser. If upon examination at the Factory or SpeakerCraft
    Authorized Dealer it is determined that the unit was defective in materials or workmanship at any time dur
    ing this warranty period, SpeakerCraft or the SpeakerCraft Authorized Dealer will, at its option, repair or
    replace this product at no additional charge, except as set forth below. If this model is no longer available
    and can not be repaired effectively, SpeakerCraft, at its sole option may replace the unit with a current model
    of equal or greater value. In some cases where a new model is substituted, a modification to the mounting
    surface may be required. If mounting surface modification is required, SpeakerCraft assumes no responsibil
    ity or liability for such modification. All replaced parts and product become the property of SpeakerCraft Inc.
    Products replaced or repaired under this warranty will be returned to the original retail purchaser, within a
    reasonable time, freight prepaid.
    This warranty does not include service or parts to repair damage caused by accident, disaster, misuse, abuse,
    negligence, inadequate packing or shipping procedures, commercial use, voltage inputs in excess of the
    rated maximum of the unit, or service, repair or modification of the product which has not been authorized
    or approved by SpeakerCraft. This warranty also excludes normal cosmetic deterioration caused by
    environmental conditions. This warranty will be void if the Serial number on the product has been removed,
    tampered with or defaced.
    This warranty is in lieu of all other expressed warranties. If the product is defective in materials or workman
    ship as warranted above, the purchaser’s sole remedy shall be repair or replacement as provided above.
    In no event will SpeakerCraft be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use
    or inability to use the product, even if SpeakerCraft Inc. or a SpeakerCraft Inc. Authorized Dealer has been
    advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any other party. Some states do not allow the
    exclusion or limitation of consequential damages, so the above limitation and exclusion may not apply. All
    implied warranties on the product are limited to the duration of this expressed warranty. Some states do not
    allow limitation on the length of an implied Warranty. If the original retail purchaser resides in such a state,
    this limitation does not apply.
    The IRC-3.0 has a unique 3.5mm quad plug for direct plug-in to SpeakerCraft
    Terminators. It accommodates STATUS as well as IR, Power and Gnd connections.
    Exclusive Ambient Noise Suppressor (ANS) System.
    STATUS Indicator: Green LED for System On/Off indication.
    ACTIVITY Indicator: Blue LED indicates IR signal activity in a completed circuit with
    a Terminator or an Emitter.
    Requires Power Supply, Terminator Block and Emitters for IR Repeater operation.
    Mounting: Can be placed on any flat surface. A special pad protects the surface
    on which you set the IRC-3.0 in addition to providing anti-skid action.
    LIT01300 (rev1)
    940 Columbia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507
    Fax 951-787-8747
SpeakerCraft ASM/ELT01300

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