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Sony ECM-55B
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ECM-55B 3-776-704-16(1) (GB)


Two-way powering system using an internal battery or external power supply.
Ideal design for professional application in radio and TV studios or other audio
fields because of its high quality performance and its extremely compact size.
Supplied with three types of microphone holders to be used according the
situation and a convenient and compact storage case.


1 Open the battery compartment by turning the sleeve counterclockwise.
2 Insert an IEC designation R6 or LR6 (size AA) battery into the battery
Check for correct polarity.
3 Close the compartment by turning the sleeve clockwise. Be sure to close the
sleeve firmly, otherwise malfunction or noise may occur due to the loose fit.
If the microphone is not to be used for a long time, remove the battery to
avoid any possibility of corrosion.
In case of battery leakage, wipe off any deposit in the battery compartment.
Battery life depends on the battery type being used. Refer to the “Battery life”
in “Specifications” below. When the battery is exhausted, sensitivity will be
decreased and distortion will be heard. When this occurs, replace with a new
Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly. This manual
should be retained for future reference.
For the customers in Europe
This product is intended for use in the following Electromagnetic Environments:
E1 (residential), E2 (commercial and light industrial), E3 (urban outdoors), E4
(controlled EMC environment, ex. TV studio).
The electromagnetic fields at the specific frequencies may influence the sound
of this unit.
For the customers in the U.S.A.
for important information and complete terms and conditions of Sony’s limited
warranty applicable to this product.
For the customers in Canada
ca/article/resources-warranty-product-registration for important information
and complete terms and conditions of Sony’s limited warranty applicable to
this product.
For the customers in Europe
Sony Professional Solutions Europe - Standard Warranty and Exceptions on
Standard Warranty.
Please visit
professional-solutions-europe-standard-product-warranty for important
information and complete terms and conditions.
For the customers in Korea
BPAS-Start for important information and complete terms and conditions of
Sony’s limited warranty applicable to this product.

Electret Condenser


Operating Instructions
© 2003 Sony Corporation
Printed in Japan



The output connector of the microphone is the XLR-3-12C type. Connect the
microphone plug to the microphone input of a mixer or a tape recorder. The
microphone cable is 3 m (10 feet) long.
If a longer cable is necessary, an extension cable up to 200 m (660 feet) may
be used without affecting sound quality or performance. Use a cable with an
XLR-3-11C connector at one end and an appropriate plug at the other end which
matches the input equipment.
If cable connector connection is necessary, note that there are two basic types
of connections, balanced to ground and unbalanced to ground, and solder
connections carefully. Poor soldering may cause hum pick up.


The microphone should never be dropped or subjected to any excessive
Keep the microphone away from extremely high temperatures (above 60 °C
or 140 °F)
If the microphone is used too close to speakers, the sound from the speakers
will be picked up and produce a howling effect (i.e., acoustic feedback). To
prevent howling, avoid facing the microphone toward the speakers and
maintain as much distance from the speakers as possible.
Microphone and recording instruments should be turned on 10 minutes
before they are actually used. This assures stable performance of the
microphones and instruments.


Microphone capsule
Power supply section Output connector
Supplied accessories
Wind screen
Microphone holders
microphone holder
microphone holder
microphone holder


The ECM-55B is designed for external powering (12 to 48 V DC) as well as internal
battery power. The external power supply system consists of a DC power
source, standard two conductor shielded microphone cable, and center-tapped
transformer of the microphone. Use an external power supply unit available in
the marketplace.
When an external power supply is used, the internal battery is not discharged.
However, if an exhausted battery is installed while operating with external
power supply, sensitivity will be decreased and noise/distortion will be heard.
For extending the cable between the power supply and the microphone, use a
balanced-type cable.
Sony ECM-55B

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Sony ECM-55B especificações

Marca Sony
Modelo ECM-55B
Produto Microfone
Língua Inglês
Tipo de arquivo PDF
Tipo -
Sensibilidade do microfone -52 dB
Frequência do microfone 18 - 3000 Hz
Tipo de direcção do microfone Omnidirecional
Tecnologia de conetividade Com fios
Interface de dispositivo -
Comprimento do cabo 2.9 m
Cor do produto Preto
Pesos e dimensões
Peso do microfone 127.5 g
Dimensões de microfone (LxA) 11.11 x 21.4 mm
Área dinâmica 98 dB
Rácio Signal-to-Noise (SNR) 66 dB
Gestão de energia
Voltagem operativa 48 V
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