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Scott MPA 20 Lovas
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    Your hearing is very important to you and to us so please take care when operating this
    equipment. It is strongly recommended that you follow the listed guidelines in order to
    prevent possible damage or loss of hearing:


    Over time your hearing will adapt to continuous loud sounds and will give the
    impression that the volume has in fact been reduced. What seems normal to
    you may in fact be harmful. To guard against this BEFORE YOUR HEARING
    ADAPTS set the volume at a low level.
    Slowly increase the level until you can hear comfortably and clearly and without
    Damage to your hearing is accumulative and is irreversible.
    Any ringing or discomfort in the ears indicates that the volume is too loud.
    Once you have established a comfortable listening level, DO NOT INCREASE THE
    The following list of typical sound levels may assist you in recognizing just how loud you
    have set the volume level.
    Level dB Example
    30dB Quiet Library, soft whispers
    40 Living room, fridge freezer bedroom away from traffic.
    50 Normal conversation, quiet office, light traffic.
    60 Electric sewing machine.
    70 Vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, noisy restaurant.
    80dB Average city traffic, alarm clock buzzer at 2 feet, food mixer.
    90 Motorcycle, heavy goods vehicle, petrol lawn mower.
    100 Pneumatic drill, chain saw, garbage truck, discotec / night - club.
    120 Rock band concert, thunderclap.
    140 THRESHOLD OF PAIN Gunshot 2 feet away.
    180 Rocket Launching pad.




    1. As the laser beam used in this compact disc player is harmful to the eyes, do not
    attempt to disassemble the casing.
    2. Stop operation immediately if any liquid or solid object should fall into the cabinet.
    Unplug the unit and have it checked by qualified personnel.
    3. Do not touch the lens or poke at it. If you do, you may damage the lens and the
    player may not operate properly.
    4. Do not put anything in the safety slot. If you do, the laser diode will be ON when
    the lid is still opened.
    1. This product does not contain a separate Power On / Off switch. After
    inserting a disc and installing batteries / AC adaptor, simply press the Play
    button to switch on and play a disc.
    2. In order to maximize battery life and provide optimum playing time this
    product incorporates an Auto Power Off function.
    The power to the player will automatically switch off approximately 60
    Seconds after a disc has finished playing or when the CD lid is opened.
    3. The ESP function is automatically engaged. When playback starts for more
    information. Please refer to page 9 of these instructions.
    5. If the unit is not to be used for a long period of time, make sure that all power
    sources are disconnected from the unit. Remove all batteries from the battery
    compartment, and unplug the AC adaptor from the wall outlet. Make it a practice
    to remove the AC adaptor by grasping the main body and not by pulling the cord.
    6. This unit employs a laser. The use of controls or adjustment or performance of
    procedures other than those specified herein may result in exposure to hazardous


    To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture.
    To avoid electrical shock, do not open the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel

    GB -2

Scott MPA 20 Lovas

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Scott MPA 20 Lovas especificações

Marca Scott
Modelo MPA 20 Lovas
Produto Leitor / gravador de CD
EAN 3250110017260
Língua Inglês
Tipo de arquivo PDF
Definições do Equalizador Sim
Extensão da frequência 20 - 20000 Hz
Compressão de áudio MP3
Tipos de media
Playback CD-RW Sim
Playback CD-R Sim
Formatos suportados CD-R/RW, MP3-CD, audio CD
Playback MP3 Sim
Tipo de unidade Leitor de CD pessoal
Funcionalidade relógio Sim
Cor do produto Preto
Visor LCD
Suporte de Identificação ID3 Sim
Funcionalidades de gestão
Controlo do nível de graves Sim
Entrada para auscultadores 3.5 mm
Saída de auscultadores 1
Saída áudio 1
Tipo de bateria R6 / UM3 / AA
Voltagem da bateria 1.5 V
Gestão de energia
Número de pilhas 8
Alimentação 4.5V DC
Outras características
Dimensões do produto (CxLxA) 260 x 55 x 185 mm
Pesos e dimensões
Peso do produto 540 g
Profundidade 55 mm
Altura 185 mm
Largura 260 mm

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