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manual de instruçõesRotho Babydesign Style! Bath tub

Rotho Babydesign GmbH, Gewerbestr. 5 D-79872 Bernau/Germany

Ideal ergonomic form – Modern scratch-proof decor – Safe anti-slip mat

Ideal for combining with the StyLe! bathtub insert.

Bath tub

Before using, please read all information through carefully and store the brochure safely for referencing at a later date.
- When bathing babies aged between 0 and approx. 6 months, we recommend the use of the appropriate StyLe! bathtub insert
(see the diagram on the cover page). As soon as your child is capable of sitting upright, stop using the bathtub insert.

Please take special note

- Never leave your child unattended! A baby is able to drown very quickly in just 2 cm of water.
- The child must be supervised by an adult during bathing. Small babies not capable of sitting upright must always
be held with at least one hand.
- The bathtub helps you to securely hold the baby when bathing it, but does not offer any additional protection from the risks
posed by water.
- Never leave your child unattended, not even if the telephone or door bell rings. Just a few seconds away from your child
is enough to put it at risk.
- Position the bathtub in such a way that your child cannot access the tap –

How best to use your bathtub:

- Check before bathing to ensure that the tub is in perfect condition. Please, do not continue to use a damaged product.
- Ensure that you have at hand all the things that you might need during the bath before you start. This will help to ensure
you don't need to let go of your child whilst bathing it.
- Never use a raised surface for the bathtub, except when using the appropriate bathtub stand recommended by Rotho Babydesign.
- Always place the bathtub on a horizontal surface, never on a slope. Do not lean on the edge of the bathtub.
- Check to make sure that the bottom of the tub is clean and not slippery, both inside and out. Remove any bathing product residues
using soap and water before bathing.
- Fill the bath with water up to, at most, the "MAX" mark on the inside of the tub.
- The water may have a maximum temperature of 37°C –
- Place your baby lying on its back in the bathtub.
- Keep a secure hold on your baby during the bath.

TIP: The safe hold for bathing

The Rotho Babydesign bathtub is particularly good if you wish to make use of the bathing hold recommended by
midwives: Pass your right hand under the head of the baby and hold the child with your thumb on the shoulder and
your fingers under the arm. The head will be resting on your lower arm which you can then rest gently up against the
edge of the tub. The other hand holds the feet of the baby enabling you to slide it gently into the tub. If you would rather
use your left hand to hold the child, simply reverse the positions.
You have purchased an innovative product made of high-quality plastic. The material is fully recyclable
and meets all of the relevant EU standards. It has also been tested for chemical safety by a TÜV
(German technical monitoring association) test institute.
Please only use lukewarm soapy water to clean. Do not use solvents or scouring agents.
Please give the article number 20211 in the event of a complaint.
We wish you lots of pleasure with your quality Rotho-Babydesign product.
Ideal for use in combination with a bathtub stand and drainage hose.

Important safety notes:

- Never leave your child unattended! This product is not suitable for use as a toy.
- Check your purchase regularly before using to ensure that it is not damaged. Do not continue to use a damaged product.
- Designed for babies aged 0 to approx. 12 months. Maximum weight of 12 kg.
Risk of drowning!
Risk of scalding!
Do not overfill!
Risk of scalding!

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