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La Crosse Technology 914-604
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Model 914-604

Infra-red thermometer

Congratulations on your purchase of the Infrared

Thermometer! One-click for a temperature reading.

No surface contact required, prevents contamination.

Take a Measurement:

Place the thermometer close to the item to measure.

Click the button once to measure the surface temperature. The

reading will display for 15 seconds.

Hold the button for ongoing readings.

Auto Shut Off:

When the button has not been pressed for 15 seconds, the

thermometer will automatically shut off to save power.

Note: When measuring temperatures above 199.9 °F the last

number will be smaller, due to LCD size. Example: 205 °F will

show as 205.


Check doors and windows for drafts.

Maintain proper cooking, cooling and holding


Measure food or liquid temperature (no contact, thus no


Measure oven, stove & grill temperatures up to 390.2 °F.

Check heating & cooling ducts, in-floor heating and

furnace temperatures.

Measure engine exhaust, tires and hard to reach areas

Description of measuring principle

When making a temperature measurement, the surface

radiation of the object measured is evaluated, using the

principle of radiation thermometry. This is a purely passive

process, i.e. no radiation is transmitted, but instead, use made

of the natural electromagnetic radiation energy (heat radiation).

Everything above a temperature of absolute zero (−459.67 °F)

has heat radiation.

D/S Ratio: The distance to target diameter ratio (Distance:

Spot) is 1:1 therefore the device should be positioned as close

to the target as possible. As you move farther from the target,

you will receive ambient temperature around the target.

Measuring Tips:

Not recommended for use in measuring shiny or polished

metal surfaces (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) The

reading will not be accurate.

It is not possible to take measurements through

transparent materials (glass, Plexiglas, etc.). It will

measure the temperature of the transparent surface


It is not possible to measure air temperatures.

Measurement errors can occur due to air contaminated

with dust, steam, smoke, etc.

Battery Replacement:

Battery is low and no more measurements are possible.

Replace the battery immediately with a CR2032 lithium button


1- Power off the thermometer before replacing the battery

A malfunction may occur if the power is on during battery

replacement. If a malfunction occurs, restart the device.

2-Twist the battery cover on the back of thermometer to loosen

the cover and remove the old battery. A coin will work well.

3- The new CR2032 battery is installed positive side up.

Take care that the metal contacts at the top of the battery

compartment are not bent.

4-Replace the battery cover and tighten.


Problem Solution

No Display: Press the button

Ensure battery polarity is correct

Change the battery

Display “oFF”: Automatic switch off (15 seconds)

Display “Hi”: Temperature is above 390.2 °F

Display “Lo”: Temperature below -27.4 °F


Do not aim too close at hot or dangerous targets.

Keep the thermometer and battery away from children.

Batteries can explode if thrown into fire, short-circuited,

taken apart or recharged.

Battery can be fatal if swallowed. If a battery has been

swallowed, get medical attention immediately.

Batteries contain harmful acids. Change low batteries as

soon as possible to prevent damage caused by a leaking


Wear chemical resistant protective gloves and safety

glasses when changing the battery.

Care and Maintenance:

Do not place the instrument near extreme temperature,

vibration or shock.

Protect the unit from large abrupt temperature changes.

Do not store near objects of high temperature.

Do not immerse the unit in water. Water can penetrate and

cause malfunction. Protect from moisture.

Steam, dust, some can prevent accurate measurement by

obstructing the units optics.

Metal Contacts
Metal Contacts
La Crosse Technology 914-604

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La Crosse Technology 914-604 especificações

Marca La Crosse Technology
Modelo 914-604
Produto Termómetro ambiental
EAN 757456986821
Língua Inglês
Tipo de arquivo PDF
Tipo Termómetro de ambiente infravermelhos
Propósito Interior
Localização Mesa
Cor do produto Branco
Tipo de monitor Digital
Fator de forma no visor Retangular
Unidades de medição de temperatura F
Gama de medição da temperatura - °C
Intervalo de medição de temperatura -27.4 - 390.2 °F
Gestão de energia
Número de pilhas 1
Pesos e dimensões
Largura 36 mm
Profundidade 13.2 mm
Altura 91 mm
Largura 36 mm
Profundidade 13.2 mm
Altura 91 mm
Pilhas incluídas Sim
Pilhas incluídas Sim
Unidades de medição de temperatura F
Gama de medição da temperatura - °C
Intervalo de medição de temperatura -27.4 - 390.2 °F
Cor do produto Branco
Fator de forma no visor Retangular
Número de pilhas 1
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