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CyberPower BR650ELCD
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User’s Manual



This manual contains important safety instructions. Please read and follow all instructions carefully
during installation and operation of the unit. Read this manual thoroughly before attempting to unpack,
install, or operate your UPS.
This equipment can be operated by any individuals with no previous training.
The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and easily accessible.
During the installation of this equipment it should be assured that the sum of the leakage currents of the
UPS and the connected loads does not exceed 3.5mA.
Attention, hazardous through electric shock. Also with disconnection of this unit from the mains,
hazardous voltage still may be accessible through supply from battery. The battery supply should be
therefore disconnected in the plus and minus pole at the quick connectors of the battery when
maintenance or service work inside the UPS is necessary.
Do not dispose of batteries in a fire, the battery may explode.
Do not open or mutilate the battery or batteries, released electrolyte is harmful to the skin and eyes.



Inspect the UPS upon receipt. The box should contain the following:
(1)UPS Unit¯1; (1)Phone Line¯1;(3)USB Cable¯1;(4)User Manual¯1;(5)Management software
Disk¯1;(6)Green Power Technology description¯1;(7)Battery Charger¯1;(8)Cable Collector¯1


1. Insure that the equipment plugged into the battery power-supplied outlets does not exceed the UPS
unit’s rated capacity (450VA/270W for BR450ELCD, 650VA/390W for BR650ELCD, 850VA/510W for
BR850ELCD). If rated unit capacities are exceeded, an overload condition may occur and cause the
UPS unit to shut down or the fuse blow.
2. If the power requirements of your equipment are listed in units other than Volt-Amps (VA), convert
Watts (W) or Amps (A) into VA by doing the calculations below. Note: The below equation only
calculates the maximum amount of VA that the equipment can use, not what is typically used by the
equipment at any one time. Users should expect usage requirements to be approximately 60% of
below value.


Watts (W) x 1.67 = VA or Amps (A) x 230 = VA
2. Add the totals up for all pieces of equipment and multiply this total by 0.6 to calculate actual
requirements. There are many factors that can affect the amount of power that your computer system
will require. Suggest the total load to be placed on the battery-powered outlets should not exceed
80% of the unit’s capacity.


Before installation, please
read and understand the following instructions:
1. Placement
The UPS must be installed in a protected environment away from heat- emitting appliances such
as a radiator or heat register. Do not install this product where excessive moisture is present.
2. Ventilation
The location should provide adequate air flow around the UPS with one inch minimum clearance
on all sides for proper ventilation.
3. Charge the Battery
Your new UPS may be used immediately upon receipt. However charge loss may occur during
shipping and storage. So charging the battery for at least 8 hours is recommended to insure that
the battery is fully charged. (To recharge the battery, simply leave the unit plugged into an AC
This UPS can be charged even when UPS is not turn on.
4. Connect to AC
Use power cord to connect
the UPS to a wall outlet. Please avoid
using extension cords and adapter
plugs. (To maintain optimal battery
charge, leave the UPS plugged in at
all times.)
5. Connect the Load
Connect the equipment to your UPS
outlets. The IEC power cord coming
with the unit are used to connect your
computer and monitor to the UPS.
Items such as copiers, laser
printers, vacuums, space heaters,
or other large electrical devices
SHOULD NOT be connected to the
UPS. Please make sure that the total
loads of your equipments are less than the maximum total power load of your UPS.
6. Connect to Computer
Install your software and accessories. To use the software, simply use the USB cable to connect
the UPS unit and your computer.


1. Power On/Off Switch
Press the power switch to turn the UPS ON or OFF.
2. LCD Function Selected Switch
Press the LCD function selected switch to know the UPS status.
3. LCD Display
The LCD will display the UPS status including input voltage, output voltage, runtime, percentage of
load and battery…etc.
4. Communication Protection Ports RJ11/RJ45
Communication protection ports will protect any standard modem, fax, telephone line, or network
cable from surge and spikes.
5. Battery Charger port
Charge external AA/AAA battery via battery charger port with battery charger.
6. AC outlet
The UPS provides 3 outlets for connected equipment to insure temporary uninterrupted operation
during a power failure and against surges and spikes and another 3 outlets against surges and spikes
7. USB Port to PC
This port allows connection and communication
from the USB port on the computer to the UPS
unit. The UPS communicates its status to the
Personal Edition software. This
interface is also compatible with the UPS service
provided by Windows NT, Windows 2000,
Windows XP, Windows Vista. Mac OSX, Linux.
8. Input Circuit Breaker
The Circuit Breaker provides optimal overload protection.
9 Power on LED
The power on LED lights up when the UPS is ON.
10 Cable Collector
Collect the cables connected from the AC outlets in the cable collector.
11 Battery Charger
Put external AA/AAA batteries into the battery charger for charge.
CyberPower BR650ELCD

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CyberPower BR650ELCD especificações

Marca CyberPower
Modelo BR650ELCD
Produto UPS
EAN 4712364141140, 4712364142338, 4712364142512, 4712364146992
Língua Inglês
Tipo de arquivo PDF
Capacidade de energia de saída 650 VA
Potência de saída 390 W
Voltagem de entrada operativa (mín.) 160 V
Voltagem de entrada operativa (máx.) 265 V
Voltagem de saída operacional (mín) - V
Voltagem de saída operacional (máx) - V
Frequência 47/63 Hz
Topologia UPS -
Proteção contra picos de tensão Sim
Características da proteção contra picos de tensão Fax,Modem,Network,Telephone
Características de potência de proteção Sobrecarga
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Sim
Alarmes audíveis Sim
Quantidade de saídas AC 6 tomada(s) CA
Tipos de tomada AC -
Portas modem (RJ-11) 1
Quantidade de portas USB 2.0 1
Quantidade de portas Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) 1
Tempo de carga 8 h
Tempo de backup (meia carga) 9 min
Tempo de backup (meia máxima) 2 min
Forma -
Cor do produto Preto
Visor LCD
Indicadores LED Sim
Pesos e dimensões
Largura 271 mm
Profundidade 160.7 mm
Altura 113.6 mm
Peso 5500 g
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